World Book Day

We loved celebrating our love for reading by dressing up as our favorite characters. We had different teachers come and read us a story throughout the day. We also shared our story with our friends.


This week we are learning about quarters. We have used play-dough to make shapes and to cut them into 4 pieces. We found this lots of fun and learned alot.

When we worked with Mrs Fellows we were finding out if certain numbers could be halved.


Last week we learned about instructions and what they are. This week we are writing instructions on how to make a pancake.

Today we ordered the instructions looking at the time conjunctions. When we had ordered them we told Miss Gray how to make a pancake. We realised our instructions needed to be very clear as she put the whole packet of flour in the bowl! Jenson was out class photographer and he took photos of Miss Gray following our instructions and then making the pancake. Our instructions were good as Miss Gray actually made a pancake.

Y1 Instructions

This week we are learning about instructions. So far we know they need to be: bossy, in the right order, have capital letter and full stops and also that we use time conjunctions.

Here are the children ordering instructions on how to make a zig-zag superhero. Other children are then following their instructions to make the zig-zag superhero.

Y1 Christmas play Penguin Pete

This year our play was called Penguin Pete. The children have worked extremely hard to put this show on for other children in the school and for the adults. We are very proud of the children, they used loud voices so everyone could follow the story line, they sang and danced beautifully.

We would also like to thank parents and carers. Without your support the Christmas play would not be the same. Thank you for helping with the costumes and with your child’s lines.